Being single and happy

It’s that time of the year again. You see Christmas lights warming up the city as you are running quickly to get to someplace warm. It gets a bit harder for every single person to be without a partner at Christmas time and knowing that there is another two disasters coming right after it- New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s day. I mean, come on! Give us a break over here, it’s not easy to make chocolate your best friend for 2 months.

The struggle can be real to find someone these days that fully understands your needs, desires and ultimately yourself. I am totally feeling like Jessica Parker from Sex and The City right now but let me tell you this. Finding yourself is a constant process, especially in your early 20’s so save yourself some time for unnecessary headache and heartache.
If you’re in a situation where you start to feel lonely or wonder why you can’t seem to find anyone worthy, remember- it’s not that bad after all. There are pros and cons for being single and being in a relationship. Truly try to take in all the good things that you can do whilst being single. Do all the things you want before the right person comes so after when the right person comes, you don’t feel like you want to ‘truly know what it’s like to be single’. And yes I am talking from the movie ‘The Single’ right now if you’re wondering.

” It’s time to utilize your freedom to the fullest. This is your time to experiment. “

It’s time to utilize your freedom to the fullest. This is your time to experiment. You can date different types of men (even the ones you wouldn’t consider before), fail as many times as you need, and visit new places. You can pretty much do anything you want without being tied down or feeling guilty of doing something on your own.
The best thing is that you don’t need to explain yourself to ANYONE, its your time to be selfish!

You have so much time now whilst being single, so don’t take it for granted. People don’t often realize but being in a relationship takes a lot of your time (unless it’s a far distance one). Instead of going out for constant dates and meet-ups, use your luxury time to do things that you really need to do, like doing laundry, or going to that one place that you’ve been thinking about for months but never truly found a time for it.
We don’t realize it but when we’re in a relationship, we tend to put someone else’s needs in front of yours (which is not a bad thing, that’s what relationships are about at the end of the day) but use it to be productive.

There are millions of people out there, although you might feel like you can hardly meet or get to talking to anyone. It’s probably time to broaden your network and you’d be surprised what’s truly out there. If there is a spark of interest about someone, stop hiding and trying so hard for that person to notice you so you wouldn’t have to make the first move. Meet people, date some more, make mistakes. That’s how you find the one.

” Meet people, date some more, make mistakes. That’s how you find the one. “

You should already know that not being in a relationship saves you a lot of stress. When you find ‘the one’ there will be time for a fight. It could last for few minutes, days or even lead to a break up, and trust me- it’s the least thing you want to stress about in your life right now. Save yourself those headaches and pain and don’t stress. He will come at the right time..

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