The best things about being in your early 20’s


The past two years have truly flown away quickly. I still remember starting off my blog like it happened yesterday and look at me now writing my 40th blog post already (taking into account my two long breaks from blog)!
Many things have changed (especially over the past year). I’ve grown a lot and I have truly realised the things that matter the most in my life.
I’ve always been an extremely mature person and sometimes even keeping a good contact with my age people can be hard for me for many different reasons.
I’ve been an independent kid (just living with my mum) since the age of 15. I was part-time working, going to gym 5-6 times a week, travelling across countries by myself and had a tough 3 year’s long relationship. All of the life experiences has taught me so much in life and I cannot be more grateful to myself for staying strong and just getting through everything like a boss.
Now don’t get me wrong. I know a lot of people have been through a lot more but what I am trying to say is that a lot of people in their early 20’s are more grown up and independent that you might think. Especially in such international city like London where kids travel by themselves over seas to study here.
With that all said these are the things that life has taught me.

Opinions matter less

I truly agree when people say ‘just do you and ignore the rest’ but executing this mindset in your early 20’s can be extremely hard. Unless you’re a steel hard person when it comes to feelings a lot of things still bother us. I can honestly say that I stopped listening what other people had to say about me around year and a half ago. I still listen and harsh words or careless actions get to me because I am naturally a very sensitive person but I learned how to control it and not reveal a hurt.
It takes a lot to drawn out chaos and negativity but there is tremendous value in not letting opinions sway your decisions or actions.

Valuing commitment

Whether it is about the promised meet-up with a friend that doesn’t bail on you the last minute or hard put in work into something and not to disappointed in  a shortfall of overnight results, it’s important not to be hard on yourself. I have a bad habit of giving myself a negative self-talk in my mind about things that I might be doing but staying committed to it is something that I am still working hard on. Remember, commitment pays off where talent doesn’t. Your time will come if you stay committed. The sad thing is very few people can commit to the process over a long period of time.

Taking failure as a lesson

No one ever wants to fail at anything but hey, it happens – and it’s important to keep yourself determined. You know that saying “never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart” – #truth! Rejection and failure is all part of the process that almost everyone has experienced at some point in their lives. In your early 20’s you go through A LOT of failure but taking it into account and valuing it is something that we’re so used to (especially if you go to uni, feeling like a failure on daily basis is normal, lol!). A loss is an opportunity to do better next time and that’s what truly drives us to attain perfection.

Fast action is everything

There is competition everywhere. I know this is nothing new but when you’re in your early 20’s and you’re slowly going into a stable life position it’s like everyone is fighting for that safe place like animals. Those typical “I’ll wait till next week..” things that you could put off? No! Action starts now.
There is a reason why older people sometimes fear young adults. It’s because their fast like rockets and full of of new creative ideas.


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