Living happily with good skincare

IMG_9718IMG_9785If there is something in life that gets me excited then it’s definitely a good skincare! Going through testing hundreds of products to find the one that does what you want it to can be quite frustrating but it becomes exactly the opposite once you find ‘the one’. I am not the type of person that will keep using the same product for months and months just because I love it a lot. Yes, it will be sitting in my bathroom shelve but I will be in a look out for something new that works wonders as well. I think it is in a lot of bloggers nature to just love the whole process of testing out things. If you ask what’s my favourite beauty product, I can guarantee that it is seriously one of the most difficult blogger questions to answer these days. Simply because we go though many amazing products and choosing the one to ‘put it out there’ is a though choice as not every reader is looking for the same thing when it comes to skincare.

Skin in general is hard to look treat if you don’t have that amazing baby skin. For girls shaving is one of the most frustrating things just because we have to shave almost our whole body and it takes the longest time EVER. Most of the times is not just a ‘quick jump in shower’ thing. We wish it was..
There is something that has been sitting in my mind for a really long time to be able to get a quick shower and a smooth skin for long time, and the secret hides behind IPL Hair Removal. This product is on my bucket list and I think it is definitely worth trying for everyone else who is seeking for alternatives for shaving to be able to get those ‘quick showers’ all the time!
Yes, perfect skin and having your beauty at it’s best is a hard thing to achieve but it is possible with all the little things that needs improvement for the best natural look you can get.

For me the beauty has never and will never be behind the makeup. I spend a lot of time and money to make sure that I am happy with how I look naturally. Accepting yourself and going out confidently with no makeup on is the key for beauty.  It all starts with having straight teeth, the hair that you feel afraid for your hairdresser to work on just in case if god forbid they cut an inch more, having those ‘on fleek’ eyebrows that barely needs any brow pen work done, to finally a beautiful glowing and smooth skin that everyone dreams for.