How to be a blogger as a student

I started my blog at first year of my uni. I was just dipping in and out of it all the time because I was still new to the whole ‘blogging’ thing and it took me a while to learn all the basics. I found myself more looking at others and watching videos rather than experimenting myself.
I had a lot of other things that kept taking away my attention from my blog and I also had a lot of negativity surrounding my life in general so it was very hard to push myself or find motivation to keep going all the time.
For a start it is only normal to not to be on it all the time because you need to test if it is something that you see yourself doing often and actually putting a lot of work and swat into it in future.

Understanding what is important and what is not

At the beginning when I started out my blog it was really hard to concentrate on the blog  because my personal life was a complete chaos and my career was heading the same direction.
For a year I was concentrating on fixing the my personal life issues whilst barely saving my grades at the same time.

What I am trying to say is that there are things in life that might drag you down and there are things that you might be giving too much time and attention to. You have to look at everything from another perspective and even write down on the paper if you need to, the things that are most important and things that need more attention.

People around you

I take my work serious and I chose to work more than ‘I should’. I barely have free time because I have three main things that I pay attention to and those are: health and personal life, university and blog. So having positive and motivating friends and people around me is all I need.
I would not allow anyone to try and tell me that I cannot do something if that is what I am heading for. I also wouldn’t allow anyone to try and take away my attention from important things with bad intention. Now don’t get me wrong here, It’s always good to have other people opinion but make sure that you are the one who makes the final decision.
You are the person who is responsible for the life you have and this includes people that you want to have around you. Remember: its better to have few good friends and spend quality time with them rather than have lots of mates and spend 70% of your life being on social media for them because you might be scared to lose your big friend circle or popularity.

Consistency & staying active

As a blogger you generally have to put aside a lot of your free time when not in university and invest it in your blog. What works for me is to make approximately the same schedule every week so I would have my time split out for the important things to make sure nothing has been left undone. Actually following the schedule will make your life so much easier and it could give you more free time than you thought, heck you can even take on a part-time job if you plan everything well.
The most important thing is to remember with blogging that you will not grow straight away. You cannot expect your audience to grow visibly overnight, this will take a lot of time with pure dedication. To make sure that you keep yourself on track you can research what is popular or trending at that time and write about it to see what content works and to make sure that you get more audience engaging with your blog. This will make it a bit easier for you knowing that you already have other work to do.
Check out established sites such as or to connect and interact with likeminded people. Take your time to understand the audience and the people you could reach you will be in a better place to promote your work, knowing that it is relevant and appealing.
You can even consider guest blogging of you have spare time. This will allow you to reach even bigger audience and you’ll be more inclined to write and finish a quality blog post if you know it’s being expected by someone else. The majority of websites will not pay guest bloggers, but will give you the chance to include an author bio as part of your post, with a link to your own blog or portfolio. Before asking to become a guest blogger, make sure you have a strong idea about the site’s readership and whether your style of blogging fits with this.
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Photography: @abiismail