How to know when to take a break or quit blogging

IMG_0634 copyEveryone gets hard times sometimes in life or reach the breaking point where you feel that everything is breaking apart and the truth is there is nothing special about it. Most of the feelings that you’re going through, others have been experiencing it as well.

The breaking point comes for everyone but how do you react on it?


Every blogger has reached a point in their career where they feel like its time to quit or take a break. You get tired of doing the same thing over and over again for like two years and barely seeing much change or growth. I know how terrible it feels as I’ve been there twice. If you’re considering quitting blogging for good then you might as well consider that it is not your thing and think about doing something else that you have a bigger passion for. If you love what you do A LOT you would never consider quitting. My passion for what I do is so big that quitting has never been an option. And this is where taking a break comes in. Here are some indicators that you need to consider to make the right choice:

1. You’re not happy

If you are constantly unhappy and the thought of blogging makes you feel miserable and like you simply cannot handle the pressure anymore then I would suggest to quit. We all have the breakdown moments but if you’re meant to really be a blogger it will make you happy most of the times, even when being under lots of pressure with emails or projects- its the process of blogging but it should be enjoyable.

Blogging is something that uplifts and makes you happy. You feel rewarding and almost as a rockstar because there are people who like what you do and enjoy following your path. Watching likes, views and comments growing is the biggest boost even if its little, it means that you are only taking the baby steps steps up. Motivation and inspiration is something that should come naturally as well. It doesn’t always have to be research or comparing yourself to others. Positive and motivational thoughts is the first thing that I always reach out for before anything else.

When it starts to feel like constant work and if you are avoiding it then this might be another indicator to quit. Or if its from other things that are pressuring you and not giving you enough time to focus on your blog- take a break. That’s what happened to me. And trust me I came back better, stronger and much more motivated. Your happiness should always come above everything else. Because without it, your blog, your relationships, and your quality of life will ultimately suffer.

2. You’re not growing

If you’ve been blogging for years now and you feel like nothing is moving upwards its time to look back and think about what you might be doing wrong. Are your pictures high quality? Are they inspirational? Are your posts consistent? Do you try and communicate with other bloggers that are as small/big as you?
These are just few general things to consider but if the answer is ‘yes’ to all of them you either have to try something different or consider a different path.

If you tried applying different styles to your blog throughout the years and nothing has helped then its time to accept the brutal truth that its not for you and call it quits. Remember, just because your first idea or blog/business failed doesn’t mean that everything else will as well. Sometimes it takes a few times to get it right. I know that it is very time consuming and takes away your years of simply ‘trying to grow’ but it’s better to try and invest as long as you can rather than give up and have nothing at the end.

Growth is an imperative thing for businesses. If you’re not growing there will always be someone else who will grow in your place and this will just make things even more frustrating for you. If you tried everything you possibly can and you’re still not growing, then cut your losses and move on. However if you’re still happy with what you’re doing, then just keep doing it! There might come a time where at one point everything will start to shoot upwards like a rocket (which by the way happens a lot of times).

2. Sensitive to other people’s opinions

When you pull back curtains to everything else you do and just focus on one thing which could be your blog, you basically open yourself up to whole another world. For blogging the online world can be brutal sometimes (depending on what kind of audience you have). There are people that criticise a lot because they know that you would listen or read their comments and give sensitive or upsetting responses. If so then don’t do it! Don’t respond or react to negativity in any kind of way. It will bring you down a lot and only make the negative people come to you even more. When they can pick on you then it comes over you like the worst virus so don’t fall for the negativity fishers.

If you take other people’s negativity very heavy where at one point you realise that it is truly affecting your life and you can no longer live comfortably then its time to evaluate if its going to be temporary or permanent.

At the end it is your blog/business and no one can tell you when to quit or if it’s the right thing for you because they don’t know. You are the person who makes your own decisions. You can assess and control your happiness, growth or sensitivity level. Once you do them, you’ll know whether to keep grinding or move on.

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