Overcoming shyness as a blogger

When I started out my blog overcoming shyness and scare for doing things wrong was something that I was facing quite often. I would constantly think that my blog posts were not good enough which made me become self conscious. I knew that my pictures were in a bad quality and my outfits were completely something different from what the actual trend was. The best thing was that I knew what I was doing wrong so from there all I had to do was simply try harder and figure out of how to improve myself.

Watching someone put photos of themselves online every day could make it seem like they are very confident with themselves and they always know what to do. I realised that it was not true at all when I started to view their youtube videos or snapchat and deeply consider their actions and behaviour. Pay attention to this and you might notice it on someone as well.

Yes, it is very easy taking pictures and showing yourself online to tons of people that you will probably never run into. But doing more things that actually scare you such as going out for an event or meeting new people that have the same interest and maybe even better knowledge really takes you out from your comfort zone and makes you so much more confident.
Blogging is independent job and can make you feel really isolated from the world sometimes which makes it even harder to attend events or meet-ups (especially by yourself). All you would see is those other people going in with a friend next to them looking very happy. But the most important thing to do on these times are to look around for the people that went there by themselves as well and just go up to them and start a chat about what brings them there. Going by yourself is you already being a stronger person because you will meet other people and leave with a potential friendship in blogging world whilst the the two friends that were in front of you will leave as they came.

Taking pictures in public. I was feeling shy if my skirt was shorter than normal when going out for a shoot and god forbid if I see others staring at me, I would want to crawl under ground. The good thing that I taught myself was not to stop doing it just because other people were staring. They could be looking because they might like how I look and the thought of my skirt length wouldn’t even cross their minds. I taught myself to think positive thoughts and I visualise myself dominating the world and thinking of being the boss woman of my own business. It always helps me and I use this thinking every single day on different things that I might be doing, not just blogging. It’s the way of getting through photoshoots with confidence, either in crowded public where others are snapping pictures of me or standing in a thin dress outside on a very freezing winter day. This is my thing and I am ruling it!

Rethink and redesign your brain. Think about what it is that makes you shy and why. Then figure out how to over come it and just go for it. Thinking about the negative result and ‘what if it goes bad’ won’t change anything for the better. I’ve been wrong and embarrassed countless of times but it never made me turn around and walk away. Why bother making a big deal out of an issue that exists purely in your mind? If you have no negative intentions when doing something, don’t allow your mind to tell you that it’s wrong.
Photography: @abiismail


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