The truth about working as a creative

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Working as a creative is such a different thing from the typical office jobs. What people often don’t realise is how much of a hard work and sweat goes behind the final outcome. It all seems to be very prestigious and ‘simple’ in some sort of way because you would only see the result.
So I thought that it would be good to share with you guys my perspective as a professional creative in many different fields. As probably most of you don’t know that I am not just a creative in my fashion blog but I am also a soon to be graduate with BA Graphics & Digital design. What helps me from my studies is how I can use the creative thinking into my blog and how much it opens me up to new possibilities and ideas whether it would be with photography, fashion or design.

Inspiration is not something that is just simply ‘there’ all the time- go and grab it. Creatives can be stuck for days not knowing what to do or where to turn to for ideas or help. And this is the biggest fight with ourselves that we get. When I have to write a blog post or do a photoshoot I can naturally just dry out and this is where it becomes scary especially knowing that my career relies on it. Inspiration is a weird think that can be a bag full of golden coins or empty AF and drive me mad.

Distraction can be the biggest enemy. I still remember myself 2 years ago when I started my uni and blog at the same time, I would get distracted extremely easily by everything. If I’d be sitting in silence and doing my work and a one small thought of food came to my mind, the next minute you would see me standing by the fridge or even worse in corner shop filling my basket with cookies and popcorn.
I have to admit that I have gotten a million times better with distraction because at the end of the day it is my future that I put at risk but there are still times when I do get naturally distracted. There are still days where I spend doing such dumb things that I literally hate myself about it after. Let me give you an example. A few days ago I had a full day off and I spent almost the entire day doing shopping in central London and I came home with water and brown sugar that I bought next to my house. And this is just one type of example. We all know the biggest one which is social media. I don’t even have to talk about it because it is something that people come across on daily basis but when you I put all the distractions together its one hell of a big time wasted.

Availability is something that people often think bloggers and creatives have a lot but guess what? We don’t. Just because I am not going to specific place at 8am, sitting there for god knows how many (10) hours and return home at 6pm, does not mean that I am constantly available. Yes I am more flexible with my time as I can move stuff around and fit in time for a quick coffee with a friend but keep in mind that the work which I put aside still needs to be done anyways.
This is something that again goes back to inspiration because if I don’t have any then I will not be able to do anything besides sit and think, think, think. But when I do have my mind filled with amazing ideas then this is where it all relieves and I just know what and how to do it and I get filled with so much energy that I feel like a superwoman available for anything- work, coffee, lunch, gym, dinner and everything else in between.

Not everything you do interests you. Everyone assumes that your job is easy because ‘you love what you do’. Sure if you take on project that really interests you then the whole work as a creative becomes naturally easier. However when running a business you don’t always get to ‘choose’ the things you like. There are still things that need to be battled over no matter how much you might not like it. As a creative I am forced to sometimes apply techniques that simply are the best for the final outcome and this is where I have to put my ‘I don’t like/want it’ thought aside and push it through (with a LOT of quick strolls outside for a breather).



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