Why going offline is good

A few years ago I was absolutely addicted from my phone and I’d spend ridiculous amount of time in Tumblr and Twitter. But the more I see my friends sitting on their phones around me and simply dipping in and out from different apps all the time, the more I realise how ridiculous it looks and how I want to stop doing the same thing.
So this time when visiting Italy I decided to forget about my phone during the day times and only use my camera for image capturing. Not only did it put my mind at such ease but it also allowed me to open myself up more for the trip and truly take in everything I had around me.
When visiting Sardinia it’s hard to put into words how magnificent it is but I was stuck (in a good way) in a place full of sky blue waters and fascinating gigantic mountains filled with beautiful cactuses everywhere.
One of the most beautiful place we were lucky to discover randomly on map and visit a place called Tinarri. Although driving the road down the cliff and praying for my life was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done but it was all worth it at the end for a view like that.
We spent half of our day enjoying the place and views and the other half driving there and back to Olbia.
For these holidays I had to face that this time I wouldn’t be able to include many working moments as I would liked, due to lack of internet at any sort but I can definitely say that it was for a good cause.

How was I gonna post my latest Instagram post on time or answer to any emails or messages? Most certainly it is not a huge life issue but for someone that keeps working online I have to admit that I was quite stressed for a lot of times but all I did was simply took in deep breaths and kept going though patience tests.
I decided that instead of filling this trip with worries and issues that I had no way around, I was going to embrace every single second of such a beautiful, unique Country: internet access or not.
I cannot quite put into words just how much I LOVED this holiday. Not just because of the incredible Country itself, but partly because I didn’t have access or need to access the internet every second of the day. I wasn’t checking my phone constantly and phone moments were kept to short bursts. I really recommend having some time away from our online world once in a while. Online channels can be a perfect source of inspiration and entertainment, but they also mean that we don’t live fully in the moment and I finally did whilst in Italy.
I would say there is a strong case for more than a few of us to say that we spend way too much time on our phones and our laptops. It’s ironic to be sat here writing this hidden away in my home, but as I progress with my blog so does my understanding of when is the right time to be online.
I work on my blog no matter where in the world I am so the work needs to be done at some point. Now let’s be real here, this post isn’t about encouraging you to become a hermit and and live in the Outback for 6 months while in turn letting go of all your electronic possessions (unless that’s what you want to do) but there are times during the day when we could be online less.