Secret place of Sardinia


This is exactly how I imagined everything in my head. A quiet place which only a few people know of. A sand under my feet and looking at such beautiful view, thinking of how beautiful nature is. I never want to leave. It was such a hard year for me that I couldn’t picture myself leaving. Quiet and calm is all I needed.
This was the time when I truly fell in love with travelling. I get paranoid when thinking of flying but to get to see amazing places I will sit in plane for hours, just take me there! I think you have to find your own spark that lights up your true desires. They don’t always just come out of nowhere, you have to find something that keeps you going, something that you can’t stop thinking about. It’s like having a trophy at the end of finished hard work.
There I was, standing on the huge rock with a dreamy see-though dress, somehow blending with the colours of nature surrounding me. No joke- I felt like an anthill queen, just of that rock, instead of anthill.
The cut outs of the dress makes it perfect for my shape and it’s print is filled with lots of geometric shapes but the┬ácolours are complimenting the look perfectly and somehow it just ‘fits’.
I didn’t wanted to leave, but I have bottled up the feeling I had with my imagery, which I can always go back and look at.



Dress- Boohoo (Sold Out)