Venice, Italy


Venice is a very special place to visit, and a place that will stay in close to my heart. The city is so beautiful and different from others, it is not easy to explain in words. Venice is buzzing during the daytime with tourists and filled retaurants everywhere that makes it smell from pizza and wine in all places. Also I cannot not talk about the beautiful boats and gandolas flowing through the small venice streets- the look of it makes me feel so relaxed and simply joyful. You cannot believe how pieceful it was- it is a place like nowhere else in the world. Visitng this place was one of the opportunities when I fully appricited how wonderful life can be.
For a dreamy location like this I decded to dress up in bright and sunny colours. So I took out from my suitcase straight away the beautiful Zara dress. I absolutely fell in love with the dress because of how playful the colours are and the beautiful ruffles is the perfect cherry on the top.  Because it is wrap around dress, it gives the perfect cut on the side for a little romance vibe. I combined the dress with my gold embroided Mango bag for even more pop of colour which I think worked out perfectly. And of course my day-to-day go-to shoes Boohoo mules that are simple and easy to wear whilst still looking very cool.



Shoes- Boohoo
Dress- Zara (Sold out)
Bag- Mango (Sold out)