Kimono for the summer


I am so happy that I got to shoot an outfit whilst being in my home city. I have to admit that it was extremely cold weather which I absolutely didn’t expect since it is much warmer in London but luckily at least it wasn’t snowing that day. Because I chose my outfit long time before my arrival to the country I just had to roll with it. This time I decided to style up very casual but at the same time modern and cool outfit. There is nothing more satisfying than a good seasonal transition piece, which is obviously this kimono. It is perfect for warm spring days or cooler summer evenings because of the light weight of the fabric and it takes the smallest space in the handbag. Also the knots on the sleeves adds an interesting touch to it. It somehow has the perfect combination of ease and luxury—the epitome of laid-back chic, so I couldn’t resist from getting it.
I have also decided to add some boldness in the whole look by choosing a printed t-shirt and coloured lens sunglasses just to balance out the look a little.



Top- Boohoo
Kimono- Boohoo
Trainers- Adidas