How I changed my lifestyle


I’ve been extremely busy lately with my university and life all together. There is never enough hours a day anymore and not enough sleep hours.
I still remember a few months ago how I would spend days doing nothing at all and wouldn’t even stress that I have actually things to do. But at the same time I realise that my life wasn’t as good as it is now as well, and it was all simply because I didn’t put any work and stress into anything at all.
Now all of that has completely changed and I am constantly looking for a new ways of how to improve whatever I am doing right now. My happiness and lifestyle has become my top priority in every way.
A lot of people wonder how other people are living happy life, and how are they always so busy but still be able to keep positive and motivated.
The key thing in your life is to stop concentrating on what other people are doing or how well they are doing, and actually start doing things that make you happy. What feeds people with motivation and constant happiness is by doing something they love- simple as that.
What changed for me was my perspective on life and how I approach things. I stopped thinking that I am in competition with others and that for some unknown reason I have to be better (which is exactly what put my thoughts on other people and things very often).
When I stopped doing all of the things that wouldn’t change anything in my life, it gave me a lot of more space and time to do things for myself.


Leather jacket- H&M
Jeans- Asos