Why unfollowing is so important in social media

Street StyleStreet style2I’ve had this conversation with other people before. It was interesting to share our own ideas and feelings about this topic.
Over the past months I get to read more and more about how people post fake imagery or have lots of bought followers. For me personally Instagram is a place where I get to share my lifestyle on everyday basis with a hope that other people get inspired and want to see more of my life. It’s also a place where I learn from other bloggers that I only look up to every single day.
But to be honest- the more I scroll through Instagram’s feed, the more down I feel about myself.

You probably follow people that inspire you on social media. Some of them share a truly outstanding and creative images about their lifestyle and hard work. Some post uplifting quotes. And some of them you might simply love for the person they are.

But then on the other hand there are accounts that make us feel a bit dry. It probably not be about the social user personally but their imagery, lifestyle and the way they show their personality leaves a really bad feeling inside. I’m almost sure I can speak for everyone here about this subject. There probably is someone who you follow but their posts don’t make you happy or inspired anymore. Maybe their personality seems to be a little bit ungrateful for showing all the things they get so buy and see, or their caption or bio has changed the feel of like they are leading the social media, or perhaps they share more intimidating photos of their body which just makes you simply feel fed up and a little angry of social media.
Whenever you see someone like that in your social media feed maybe ask yourself- why am I still following this person? It might be time to press that unfollow button.
Street style10119-Agija-14thFeb2017It’s all Instagram politics. There are certain rules that people follow and there are certain actions that people take to gain following and recognition.
If you’ve come across of someone who has like 25k followers and all of a sudden follows you, you don’t have to follow back just because they have a great Instagram feed and you think they want to follow you for whatever unknown reason- they will unfollow you within 1-2 days and you won’t even realise it. The funny thing in this? You will still be following because of their ‘great feed’.

I’ve been caught up so many times living the Instagram and YouTube life, and forgetting about my own one. Simply forgetting that I have my own blog to work on and I all end up doing at the end is comparing myself. But it’s not worth it at all. I am still learning how to control the time I spend in Instagram or YouTube, because once I open it you don’t know when I will come back to real life- maybe in 30 minutes, maybe in 2 hours.

So trust me, that unfollow button will really help you. It’s more important to concentrate on your own life and stop looking at how other people make their lives better but improve your own. You won’t find comparing yourself and putting yourself down. You won’t find frustrating comments.
No one wants to compare themselves everyday to someone who has a ridiculous lifestyle and ungrateful attitude. A feed that makes you feel like you don’t live good enough, have a fulfilled life or don’t earn enough. You can still follow lots of people who has everything that I just spoke about but just as long as you feel inspired and make you love your own life. As soon as that switches to hate and bad feeling inside- its time to unfollow.
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