I’m not the person I was before

I’ve always been the cliché shy girl who was afraid to say what was going on in my head. I preferred to keep things inside me and it made my world easier because I was afraid to hurt someone or get in fight although very often I was burning inside. And this is what always attracted bad people towards me- they knew how to use my weaknesses.
Having more negativity than positivity around me totally drained my happiness and as you might guess it did lead me to deep depression which was extremely hard to get out of.
Going through hugely tough times taught me a lot of things in life which I can now be very grateful of. I’ve learned that feeling bad for myself whilst being at the bottom of my life made me feel even worse, and I only realise it now when I look back at it.

Not everyone can find the smallest light of positivity in a huge black cloud of sadness but it is something you have to force yourself doing. It didn’t work for me in the first tries, I just kept falling back to my sadness, but I didn’t gave up trying. And what happens is that the more you put effort in it, the more it works each time you truly try.
I was looking for things that would take my thoughts away for as much as possible. Everything that I would like, I’d go for it.

I have started a new chapter in my life and I am no longer everyone’s shoulder to cry on (besides my family), simply because it makes me unhappy.
Everyone decides the kind of life they want, and mine certainly cannot be controlled (anymore) by anyone but me. People are too afraid to tell what they think but what’s the point squeezing yourself from the inside?

I’ve become stronger as as person, and this is what made me different from what I’ve used to be.



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