My top 5 beauty favorites

It’s coming to a spring now, and I can definitely feel it outside. There are a lot of products out in the market, that ensures you are always at the top of the beauty game. So I curated my absolute favourites to show you what really makes difference to get the best skin possible and finally for the dryness from winter to go away. I might not be known for the best beauty girl, but trust me I’ve tried a lot of things and where your money is spent well.
Lip Scrub.
This is an absolute favourite of mine. I’ve always had a problem with dry lips and the only thing that helped me the most from tons of lip balms I’ve tried is the one and only Vaseline. But the other thing that helps me a lot as well is the Lush lip scrub. The smoothing blend of sea salt, caster sugar and Fair Trade cocoa butter softens my lips like nothing else. The reason I personally love it so much is because of the texture, which is thick and you really feel the scrub working your lips. I get extremely dry lips, and  everyone having the same problem- this is the real life changer.
I also tried the famous Dior lip scrub I saw everyone raving about but when I tried it, I could barely feel any scrub texture in it. I would suggest it for people who don’t get dry lips, but they just want to keep them soft and hydrated.
Face cream.
Now, if you are reading my blog, you already know that I am a huge Clarins fan. But when it comes to ultimate favourite, Clarins Daily Energiser Cream is the best face cream I’ve come across so far. I apply it after washing my face and toner applied. It makes my skin very soft and smooth like no other cream has ever done. It also makes the imperfections disappear and complexions are looking healthy and radiant. What I love the most about it is that it makes the skin soft, but does not shine, it actually has a matte finish, which makes it perfect for using it in the mornings before applying make-up. I am not a fan of primers so this is the best thing I’ve discovered so far.
Foundation in general is a big part of my beauty, because I use it almost every day and it is important for me that not only it stays on for a long time, but also gives a natural glow. I am personally a huge lower of dewy skin and not matte, on my opinion it looks very natural. And the Diorskin Nude  natural glow radiant foundation is the one I’m reaching for every morning. The reason I love it so much is because of its lightweight feeling for an ideal nude skin. This foundation comes in specialised shades that use translucence and half tones to adjust to every complexion, for an even more natural result in every light.
Bronzer & Highlighter
There is a reason why many people love Charlotte Tilbury filmstar bronze & glow so much. And it’s the same one why I absolutely fell in love with it. This is the most natural bronzer I’ve come across. What I love about it the most is that you can built it up unlike some bronzers that are quite dark. The blend of pearl and pigment gives a sun kissed complexion which is perfect for every day use.
The highlighter on the other side is also amazing because it is built up from golden base that truly flatters every skin tone and radiates out any complexion.
The colour-rich pigments are rolled into elastomer pearls that smooth & buff the skin for an excellent blendability. I understand that this product is a pricey one when it comes to bronzer but trust me if you are having doubts about it then forget them because this will not let you down!
I used to be against blushers because I found them looking very fake, but what I did not know is that you have to find the perfect colour to make it look amazing.
I only discovered Stila lip and cheek cream product recently and I am so glad I did, because it is an absolute game changer when it comes to my make up. I personally love cream products because it blends perfectly with the foundation giving the ultimate natural finish. In my head I was usually against lip & cheek products and I think many people feel the same, but now when I’ve actually tried it I can really recommend it. The sheer tint in this product adds and inherent to the cheeks while lips bloom with fresh and radiant colour. I am using it right now and I am truly loving it.

This post is written in collaboration with a blogger Paulyne Bakajeva.
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