Ways of having a happier life

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Sometimes there are times when I feel like I can’t do anything. And I mean anything at all. I think that this is one of the worst feelings a person can experience- feeling low and hopeless. But it is important to understand what you have and appreciate it. For example I’ve had terrible life experiences before and comparing then to now really helps me on my bad days. It’s important for me to love life and just do things that makes me happy because as soon as I let go of that feeling, I go back to being miserable. Before I didn’t understand it as I do now. You learn to live happier and you learn how to love life. If there is something that makes you sad- change it. Whatever it is you can change things in your life and make it however you want. It might not happen in one day, but as long as you know the road to it, just go for it.

We all have experienced times where we feel that we might have been wronged and it’s even harder to accept if its from someone you love or care about. But holding on to those feelings of anger or hatred will consume you and any happiness that you once felt.
The key is simply to accept it and move away from it. Learn from it and you will grow better as a person, all you have to do it just let go.

Now let’s talk about exercising. It is one of the things that helps me to push myself with nothing but motivation. I learn how to discipline myself and get rid of the bad feeling that I was talking about. Whilst in the gym my mind is away from the daily stress that I face every day. Another key is to not looking at what others might be doing in the gym- some of them might have been exercising for few years, so it is important to concentrate on what you want to do, and what kind of exercise interests you- cardio, weights, pilates? Try them all to find out.
I used to be a total cardio freak- working out for hours and rarely getting tired. My life was basically gym. I would do everything- cardio, weights, acro-yoga (All in one day). But now I learned how to make it a small part of my daily routine, by choosing what exercise I like the most.

And finally- surround yourself with good. I’ve been through a lot of dodgy people, a lot of lying and disappointments. So now I barely trust anyone and take my time to get to know people. Select people you want to be around carefully. For me, this would be from best friend who no doubt always will lift me up when I need it the most to the grandma who has always been there and will always be there for me no matter what. Those are the type of people I choose to have around me and who simply make my life happier.
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