Dress over jeans.

Head over heels or dress over jeans? Both sounds good to me!
It was only a matter of time before deconstructed shirting, button-downs with super-long sleeves, frilly Victorian blouses evolved into wearing an actual dress over jeans.Consider to pair this clever in winter and fall’s chilly-but-not-cold temperatures. Maybe it can even be a fresh way of wearing more often your favourite summer frocks?
Layering becomes mandatory in winter and fall and all you need are a few good basics to make it work effortlessly.

Wearing all black always makes me feel confident and more like myself without too much hassle. It’s an easy way of styling things whilst looking like I put more thought into it than I actually did. It is definitely my go-to look when in the mornings I cannot make a decision for my outfit- this minimalism is very reliable. But this time I decided to turn it around and change it up a bit. Usually I would say- put on something more statement such as bag, jewellery etc. etc. But how about making your make-up do all the work? I totally loved the idea of it, and decided to give it a try, and on my opinion it works perfectly. This just puts the whole look on a whole another level, by adding some zest without taking away the whole appeal. Definitely can’t go wrong with this one!