Winter statement piece.

It’s not always all about getting the top trend handbag or shoes. I always see Instagram full of Gucci bags and Stuart Weitzman boots, and it gets boring very quickly, simply because you can see these items on every fifth image that you click on.
So this time I decided to go different direction and get an outstanding piece that I could wear often when I go somewhere. And it is the Gucci Garden silk shirt.
The reason I bought this piece is because I thought that it is a perfect shirt that I can wear in winter and spring. It has a really outstanding design which makes it something much more than just a ‘shirt’. This scarf shirt has become part of Gucci’s identity now. The vibrant colours and outstanding compilation of floral and animal motifs from the world of wonderful Alessandro Michele.
It is so unique and beautiful to me, that I decided to wear it with black leather trousers, shoes and jacket. This is a way of making the shirt stand out much more and also makes the whole outfit suitable for day out as well as evening. It somehow has a perfect combination of ease and luxury.

Shirt- Gucci
Shoes- Debenhams
Trousers- Zara
Bag- Bulgari

Photography- Oscar May