Coping with gloomy days in London

I can’t believe how different the weather makes London look. I love wandering around London and walking through central for hours. The vibrant energy and observe other men and women that give off such sophisticated vibe which looks so effortless. There is a reason why this is one of the fashion capitals in the world. Just step out and you will see it straight away. So when dressing up for a day out, I love to embody the liveliness of London and show it through my style.

But when it comes to gloomy and dark days there is literally nothing better than staying in bed and watching series. But not always you get to do that. For me honestly it’s extremely hard to get myself together and just start off my day- even coffee doesn’t help my sluggishness. So what helps for me is to get ready as quick as possible and just leave the house. If I will take a lot of time it is very common for me to just drop everything and stay at home.
Especially when I have to do photoshoots out in rainy and cold day.
It is the worst thing in my blogging experience, because there is nothing harder than staying still outside in cold for an hour or two.
And not only it’s about standing out in the cold, but also how photoshoots can go. I get quite disappointed a lot of times, because London just doesn’t look nice at those days at all. Everywhere is wet and muddy. So my biggest advice would be checking forecast every day because weather can change quite quickly, which Londoners probably know already. Also when it comes to putting together my outfits I try to go with something which has either more colour to the fabric (than plain black or grey) or choose something more outstanding which adds a special touch (this can be anything- shoes, accessories, bag etc. etc.). There is no right or wrong, but it’s all about planning and organising.