Schoolgirl vibe

I am very excited to post this look because it’s something totally different from what I’m used to wearing. You probably have noticed that my style has changed up quite a lot lately, and that’s simply because It’s been a while since I started blogging, so I am crawling out of my comfort zone and looking for a new ways of how to make my readers more excited for the posts.

I always love to experiment with new things and outfits but one thing that I’ve always been against is school skirt. For years I couldn’t stand it, especially with the pleated hem, simply because it reminded me of a young girl.
But now it came to time when I bumped into a skirt that catched my eyes straight away.
I love the pattern of the skirt, I think it gives that cool-girl vibe and the leather makes it much more attractive.
The matching Tommy Hilfiger cardigan was a lucky find, which goes together perfectly with the skirt, as well as it keeps some warmth in colder weather.
Cardigan- Tommy Hilfiger
Skirt- Asos
Trainers- Adidas