Fun with mustard colour

I like to often experiment with different colours and get together my outfit basically out of nothing. For me outfits very often come together naturally without me standing in front of the mirror looking at what fits and what doesn’t.
Especially in cold and foggy days in London I like to put on non-tight clothes and rock it with the big timberland boots. It just makes sense to be more free with your outfit on winter time and not care too much.

When it comes to wearing big boots there are plenty of ways to style it so it. If you feel like it adds too much bulk to your outfit, keep your clothes the same colour do downplay the extra texture and smooth out the silhouette.
Also play around with the fabrics to make it more exciting and different.

I decided to go for this mustard look because I see it as a nice, relaxing weekend look, with highlighting the shirt where the top part is knitted with braid texture. How interesting and playful is it? I balanced out the whole bulkiness with a sleek leather trousers and bag to compliment the outfit well.

Trousers- Zara
Shoes- Timberland
Bag- Fiorelli