My winter go-to look


For me this winter is all about throwing on something cozy, comfortable and stylish. I have started to develop my own personal style. Showing other people my signature look is part of what keeps me going the most, because I can see how they react to it, what they like and don’t like.

It’s basically all about caring less and not being so normal. For me it’s all about dressing up and styling myself how I feel good and it’s become my most valued asset.
There is nothing wrong about wearing sandals over knee socks or putting on sweater over a dress. If I see it working out well, actually wearing it and showing how interesting a& good it looks- I believe others will as well. It’s all about confidence and I could say its about showing people how to think outside the box a little.

Stop and think. When I fist started out blogging I was not confident at all of dressing up in weird ways. I would put on some simple shirt & jeans and go out to make photos of it. But then over some time I realised how boring it all was and how much I didn’t even liked my style that much because I was simply looking like everyone else outside. This is when I started to pay more attention to other blogger styles and their confidence. It helped me a lot to break down my confidence walls and to start seeing things from different point of view. My next move was taking out all the boring things from my wardrobe and selling them, so I can put in really interesting things that I am happy to wear and show off.

Be brave and choose well. If I see a very nice piece that costs a price of 3 items from lower end stores I will still buy it, because I know that I will wear it more often and it will last longer. I used to buy many things and then sending them back simply because of the fit or quality. So now I look more for the things that I know I would wear all the time.


Coat- Furnatic
Jeans- Levi’s
Boots- TopShop
Top- MissSelfridge
Bag- Bulgari