The truth about being in a distance relationship

You feel complete and safe when you find that one person to who you can trust and go to in any small difficulties you face. It’s great to spend time together and share your small worlds with each other. But what happens when you realise that one of you will have to go back where you or your partner came from?
Facing the fact that you are basically in an online relationship is very hard, and this is where things become unbalanced because there is fear of losing each other or one of you not making it to the end of the long wait.

I’m gonna tell you what I’ve learned through my experience. I’ve written the must-know stuff that people in a long distance relationship usually experience or tend to make some of these mistakes.

Not to scare you but it will be an emotional rollercoaster. You can go to deep depression and the other day there will be uncontrollable happiness the first time you see them after ages. Unfortunately these feelings wont get tamed with time and things don’t become easier, you just learn how to deal with it and simply accept it.

– It’s important to try to take your mind away and keep yourself busy with something that you enjoy doing. If you just go to work/school and come home, and that’s it, your mind will be on the other person most of the times and it will just make you sad thinking that you are away from each other.
Whatever you enjoy doing just go for it, don’t be lazy sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself. For example I was trying to blog more than usual, and it really helped me mentally and I felt better, especially knowing that I have support.

– Help to lift each other up. Jealousy, upsetting each other and hitting each other from weak points is not gonna get you nowhere. It is very hard to keep yourself together, because you keep wondering about what the other person is doing all the time, and this is where jealousy comes from, since people tend to make up things in their heads sometimes.
So to prevent hard situations like that you have to trust each other. I cannot stress enough about how important it is to show each other that there is nothing less than trust and love.
If you don’t trust someone there is always a reason for it and you should trust your gut. If someone wants to be trusted then they will give you no reason not to.

– Next would be simply keeping in contact with each other all the time. Skype each other as often as possible depending on both of your lifestyles. Sometimes because of time zones it’s hard to stay up till very late waiting for the other person to go home and Skype. So my advise would be face time during the day when both of you are free. Even for few minutes it’s still better than nothing- trust me on this. Seeing each others face gives you some sort of emotional stability and comfort.
And when you feel like you are upset about something do not talk it over text if it’s gonna cause a big problem or fight. Text gives you a very hard feeling and you can never tell how the other person is truly feeling about it without seeing his/her face. When you talk your problems through video call it allows you both to sort the situation out much easier because when you see the other person, you simply don’t want to be as harsh as you might be over the text.
I personally made so many mistakes when it came to texting but I learned how to behave when it comes to texting by actually going through lots of regret.

– There are questions that you will have to answer at one point. “What is going to happen in the future?” or “How will you work together towards ending this distance eventually?”.
All of this depends on what you both want in life, and to try to work things out together. If everything depends on one person (for example you have to move to your other half and that’s it), it might not end well, as you both want certain things in life. If both of you don’t want to move to each other because of the country or problems related to that, remember that the world is big. Just look for places where you would like to move so you can spend your life together there. If one of you don’t want to do that either then you will probably have to understand that your road will probably split at one point.
The people around you wont be as supportive as you would hope either. Many people just see it as childish obsession and they will probably wipe off every problem by simply saying that you should end things and find someone where you live. Don’t listen to them for a second. The only person who knows the significance of your relationship is you so don’t look for validation from other people that don’t even understand.

– And finally its all about making to the end. You have to believe that you will go far together and simply as cliché as it sounds – nothing can separate you if you want it hard enough. There will be bad times from time to time but as long as none of you thinks about ending it everything can be fixed. And if you really love this person, then no amount of distance or difficulties will ever be able to break you apart.