Beauty hacks.

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I have researched and found very useful beauty hacks from professionals that are important to know for everyone. Some things you might find more appealing, some not. From these beauty hacks there are many tricks that I do myself every day just to add some interesting things in my every day routine, which I find very helpful. They are so clever and quick, you will be thankful to yourself after for trying them.

  1. Mix serum with facial oil in a travel-sized bottle. The watery mixture delivers anti-ageing ingredients deeper into your skin and closer to collagen-producing cells. -Nichola Joss, facialist
  2. Freeze milk in an ice-cube tray; massage your face with the cubes, wrapped in muslin. They lift dead cells and boost circulation, giving an instant facelift. -Ole Henriksen, skincare expert
  3. Want a few more wears out of your favourite near-empty lipgloss? Pop the tube in a glass of warm water for 10 minutes to melt the gloss from the sides. -Daniel Sandler, make-up artist
  4. For lipstick that lasts, pat powder blush in the same shade on top. Then add a layer of balm to re-moisture. -Bobbi Brown, make-up legend
  5. Stick to earth-toned eyeshadows for sensitive skin. They have less pigment, so won’t be as irritating as darker and metallic shades. -Dr Harold Lancer, dermatologist
  6. Spritz your favourite scent onto your ironing board- the iron’s heat releases the scent and locks it into your clothes. -Jo Malone perfumer
  7. Looking for a perfect pink lipstick? Match it to your gums. -Shehla Shaikh make-up artist
  8. Apply one coat of self-tan, then use a hairdryer to set it. Once dry, you’ll see how even your coverage is and if you need a second coat. -James Read, tanning pro
  9. Apply facial oil under an exfoliating scrub if you have frail capillaries and suffer from redness. It forms an extra protective layer for your skin. -Ole Henriksen
  10. Line your lips from the corners of your mouth up towards the Cupid’s bow. This makes the mouth more rounded and look plumper. -Rebecca Restrepo, make-up artist
  11. Apply a stick foundation in stripes on your face. Mist with setting spray, then buff in for a base that lasts. -Sam Chapman co-founder of Real Techniques
  12. Want to get rid of early-morning puffy eyes? Use hydrating eye drops before bed. Dehydrated eye glands accumulate fluid. -Nicola Joss
  13. Not sure what your skin type is? Press down on your cheeks for 10 seconds, then release. If you’re left with a white mark, your skin may be congested. If the mark disappears, it’s dehydrated. -Sarah Brown, Pai Skincare founder