My Festive Make-Up

If you don’t know yet Christmas is my favourite celebration of the year. I love that exciting feeling of switching clothes to something more snuggly, looking at decorations & gifts, and of course changing a little bit of that every day nude make up look.

So I’ve decided to show you what are my most loved products this winter including lip balm, lipstick, eyeshadow, make-up brushes and so on.
For the base I love to keep it simple and always try to match my skin tone, which can be quite hard sometimes because my skin is very fair. So I use my L’oreal Paris Lumi Magique light infusing foundation in shade rose pearl, with my oval brush.

Using the oval brush, I usually apply 2 pumps of the foundation and blend it until the skin looks smooth and flawless with no lines on face. With oval brushes it takes a little more patience to blend the product but trust me the result is very satisfying.

For my under eyes I love to use Sephora concealer in shade bavarian cream. It is very creamy and is the same as the holy NARS creamy concealers. This concealer leaves my eyes bright and can fake tired eyes perfectly.
When it comes to my eyes I like to use darker brown shades, and this Revolution eye shadow palette is ideal for me. It has all the colours that I would use not only in christmas time, but also in summer, because it’s got those nice shimmery pink shades.

I usually apply the lightest colour on the left under my eyebrows, then I would use the third colour in crease, following with seventh shade from the left  for inner corner of the eye, and finally with the ninth shade which is the nice dark brown colour for outside of my eye. This makes my eyes look more awake and gives that nice professional eyeshadow look.