Skincare basics.

I’ve been through experience of losing lots of money for different type of skincare, trying out different products to see what my skin accepts. I started my experiment when I noticed that I was breaking out a lot and my skin felt very dry. Even worse when it didn’t accept any skincare products that I bought for a try out. Especially some products can be pricey and you see no benefits from it.
A while ago I  finally found what works for me and since then, skincare is something that I always like to experiment with, and I love to learn about new products, as well as techniques to switch up my every day & night routine. There are products that are absolutely essential for every day that I personally can’t do without.

I have a routine that I do over and over again every single morning and night, as expected following step by step with products that I use. Looking after your skin and taking care of it is where that beautifully clean skin begins, and obviously its not about immediate result, but in a time it really does change things about how you look and feel.

Face scrub.
Face scrub is essential to remove all of the make-up left that you don’t see. You think you have removed everything with make up wipe? Think again. It exfoliates skin perfectly and gets rid of old skin cells, this allows your skin to renew and gives that glow and softness.
Now there are scrubs that are quite thick with big scrubs inside, and usually this is exactly what makes my skin hurt and break out.
But recently I dissevered something truly amazing. Valcena exfoliating cream. This is a creamy face scrub which have a very small scrubs inside, and this is perfect for delicate skin. It is also with calming oil inside which restores a radiant complexion, which is perfect for my sensitive skin that tends to break out from wrong products.
I am truly glad I found it (by mistake), and I am definitely looking forward to try out more of their products.

I always use Clarins Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion after washing my face with scrub. It is very soothing with aloe vera, marshmallow and sunflower ingredients, which leaves the skin moist, toned, clarified and perfectly refreshed. Works perfectly for dry and sensitive skin, which is usually what I look for in skincare.

The Clarins Daily Energizer Cream-Gel has been my favourite for the past months. I use it regularly every morning and evening. I know that it is a day cream, but my skin feels so good after it, that I use it in the evening as well. It refreshes my skin, gives that matte result and gives moisture balance all day long. Because this moisturiser does not have any oily effect, it is perfect as my make-up base, which is something I haven’t come across before, and it is the most loved product for me at the moment.

Face Oil
Now this is something that I always wanted to try out. I’ve always been against oily skin, as this is the biggest reason that makes me break out the most. My skin hates oily and thick creams that stays on skin for ages.
In London where there is lots of pollution my skin definitely feels more dehydrated and is slowly losing its natural radiance, which makes it very dull and dry. But L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Facial Oil that is transforming my skin into much more healthy look.
Although it is an oil, it absorbs quickly and does not leave the skin greasy which makes it great for everyday use. 1-2 drops on cheekbones, forehead and neck every morning and evening.

I use Clarins Lip Oil. Since my lips tend to crack a lot in winter, and honestly nothing besides vaseline never worked, I find this product my lip life saviour. It stays on lips for a long time and truly leaves them nourished.