Weekend workload outfit.

There are times where I don’t want to do anything at all on the weekend. Just be in bed, watch series with tea in hand. But sometimes it just doesn’t work that way and deadlines need to be met. It might look like I have a free weekend, but I don’t and I don’t want to look work loaded on the outside without paying attention to my outfit, just because my mind is full of other things.

It’s important to have more layers, not just 1 shirt, especially for me who is always cold no matter how much I layer up. To be honest sometimes I will end up wearing 2 pairs of socks, simply just because of the cold outside and I know that I will be walking a lot on that day.
Make sure you don’t end up looking like a walking penguin. My usual layering consists of starting with a simple tee with soft fabric just to have that comfort. The next layer I would throw on would be a very warm sweater with nice texture that would sit perfectly under a jacket or a coat on top. At this time of the year I love Ralph Lauren sweaters, because of the braided texture and I just find it so flattering that it can be worn on many different occasions.

Next is usually my hair. On busy weekends I just don’t have time to wash, blow dry and style it, so I will simply leave them straight as they are, or put them on a pony tail. Dry shampoo is usually the time when it gets used the most.

And finally this is where I like to get some luxe accessories to switch my outfit from ‘normal’ to ‘feminine & chick’, just with that tiny effort of styling it up a bit. I usually do this with choosing the perfect bag, scarf and shoes.

Leather jacket – Zara
Jeans – New Look