This is ME!


I love fashion because of how it brings out the best parts of me. I have such a big imagination of how to put the clothes together and how to make the photoshoot. ‘Fashion’ is a strong word for me and its the most creative thing I know.┬áMany people are afraid to get into it, because it can be very scary. And I have to agree that it does becomes hard at times, where you just want to drop everything and have an easy job. I am only a starter at blogging but I know what it is like for people who’s job is pure blogging.

I am still learning by watching movies, YouTube videos reading books, and looking at other bloggers pictures & snapchat stories. And it brings so much inspiration and determination to do it myself!
I am looking forward to push myself through every hard situation. For example the day I was shooting these pictures, it was freezing, terribly windy and rainy. But can you tell?

Skirts – ISA ARFEN