Grown Teen


As I am getting closer to my 20th birthday I embrace getting out something more colourful from my wardrobe and just display it on the street. I enjoy going out bare faced and not to worry about if someone is going to see that one break out hiding behind my hair. I’m giving up more and more to paint my nails, as I am always doing something which includes working with materials in uni or simply cleaning the house, and as a result the nails get chipped basically in one day, which looks much worse than natural.
No matter how much water I drink, or try to eat fruits my bottom lip will always be dry and skin would be peeling, unless I put a ton of vaseline.

But unfortunately as my university is very time consuming I still live in that teenage all-black style. I cannot imagine wearing my heeled boots in weekdays as it gives me so much trouble keeping them on in university whole day and also running up and down the stairs in the tube station. There is something about the stairs that makes my legs feel like I’ve done an explosive leg workout.

So as my university time won’t end very soon I still prefer to stick to black jeans, black long coat and as well to my comfy trainers.


Dress – Karen Millen
Blazer – Hugo Boss