Fear of flying.


Nothing is worse than doing something what you’re most scared of, right? Especially when it comes to things which you can’t change. For example being up there in the skies, and you start to think of how much you love everything and how poorly you appreciate the things and type of life you have.
I am terrified of flying, and knowing that sometimes I have to visit my country, or go for holidays, is the worst nightmare for me.


It is the day of the flying and I always wake up in the morning with shaky hands, and fast heartbeat.
My stomach is already flying while I’m still at home, and I cannot eat anything.
So what helps me the most to prevent pain and sickness is to eat easy fruits which are full of water. For example grapes is a good example, a small and easy snack.


When it comes to having a medicine, always be very careful with this, because you definitely don’t want to feel worse than you already do. NEVER overdose! I had the worst experiences in my life when it comes to overdosing on pills for flights. I have had sickness for the whole day, and sitting in a plane with bad stomach ace the whole time is very bad. Especially when I am sitting next to window, and the person next to me is dreaming of unicorns, which means you I can’t pass the person to go to the restroom.

Unpredictable conditions.

I’ve also had a bad experience when I was first time travelling to a place which is full of huge mountains (Scotland). The flight is only approximately 30 minutes long, but was also the worst thing I have ever experienced when it comes to flying. My ears started to hurt like crazy, when at one point I started to get a huge headache from it, and even tears appeared in my eyes. When we finally landed it was so bad that I needed a doctor as soon as possible. But unfortunately due to different health services I couldn’t get any doctor at that time. So I sat the rest of the day in my hotel room in huge pain, sitting on the ground in the bathroom not knowing what to do with myself or where to ask for help.

Unfortunately there is no way we can escape from this huge fear, but I strongly advise to prepare as much as you can to make sure the flight is as pleasant for you as it can be. (Easy to say right?)