Be more organised

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Most of the times either we like it or not, we just have to learn many things ourselves. Because of that I have learned that it is important to look around and absorb everything that is happening around me.
This has helped me to keep up to date with most of the stuff and to develop my note taking techniques. Some things I would write down and some I just keep in my head.

Plan as much as you can & be proactive

I like to plan my days or even week ahead. I have been so used in doing it, that I don’t even need to write down notes for me to remeber. It just simply becomes part of your lifestyle. I try to fill myself with energy in order to complete each task I give myself.

If you have planned something- make sure its done! It can be hard to focus when there is always something happening in the online world, but you have to keep reminding yourself that its not gonna get you anywhere. Simply put it all aside and do what you have to do. Make sure you set yourself a realistic goals.

Give yourself some air

I can’t stress enough about how important it is to have your own space clean and fresh. Atmospehere around me motivates me to do things so much more! It is essential to have enough storige to hide away all of the unneccesary thigs that are on display. This will give you the much needed air and space.

I am always looking for new ways on how to improve myself and my organisation techniques, and I would love to hear what your tricks and tips are!