Be confident and fit in spring

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For most of us staying motivated during winter time is not probably the easiest thing. Then we only get to blink out eyes twice and we are already 1 or 2 months away from the summer. This is when we realise that we have to do something to get healthier and fitter.

Step up your game 

Its time to put all your ‘I can’t’ excuses aside, and actually start doing something.
Start with your days off. If you know that you have one or more days off, put your alarm at 7 or 8 am, shower, maybe make a healthy smoothie and go out for a workout. It could be either a run around your area, or going to the nearest gym.
It might sound hard to do right now, because you want your sleep, but once you try it, you will feel so proud of yourself, and you will want to do it more often.

Before I was such a sleepy head. I remember that I could sleep until 11 or even 12 am and while I showered, made breakfast and got ready, the half of the day was already gone.
Now it has completely changed. I have realised a lot of improvement when I started to drink Centrum Performance. Now I am waking up at 8 am without an alarm and it doesn’t matter if I go to sleep at 11 or 1 pm.

Set up goals

We are talking realistic over here. It is important not to set up your goals too high, because you will work for it, and once you understand that it is too hard to achieve, you will give up and obviously you don’t want that to happen. Take a small steps towards what you want to achieve, and it is great if you can set them harder each time to push yourself and reach your exercising limits. Get some days off for the body to recover.

Keep conditioned

Because of the warm days maybe think about working out early in the mornings or in the evenings, when you get a cooler air and you don’t have to struggle against the temperature. Also look for the active-wear that you are buying. It is important that your skin gets to breathe. It will not if the material is a cheap synthetic.


It is important to drink enough water to keep yourself energised, to function much better and to work out safely. Dehydration and too much excise can lead you to heat exposure.
But I know that there are people (like myself) that are fine with one glass of water during the day and not wanting any more. This is when you start to think about other ways to keep yourself hydrated like eating fruits with high water content, salads and different waters such as coconut or Vitaminwater.